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Linda's Place was originally established as a small Anthurium farm in 1993
along the east flank of the Mauna Loa
  volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.
It was relocated to the west side of the island in January 2007.


All good things must come to an end at some point in time,
and here at Linda's Place our time has come.

We are so thankful for all your support these past 23 years,
it has truly been a pleasure to bring a touch of ALOHA to you and your families.

The new owner is Chitose Takami, and
she will be taking over this Spring.
More information to follow.

Thank You So Very Much !



Bird of Paradise Dendrobrium Orchids Passion Pink Anthurium Tropic Fleur - Small Heliconia Lavendar Lady Amnicola White Mink Protea

Bird of Paradise



Tropic Fleur



All of our flowers and plants are 100% Hawaiian grown.
Each gift includes our very best selection, chosen for quality and freshness,
and is shipped directly from our site.
A lovely enclosure card is included to add your own personal touch.

Gage Connor

 I wanted to say goodbye, and to thank you for everything over the years !

I wanted to say Goodbye and to Thank You for everything over the years !!
from Gage, and GrandMa & GrandPa Hawaii.

Tropical Flowers

View our Deluxe Upgrades page.

We will gladly adjust gift contents to suit your needs or to match any decor.
It really is what we do best.

Call us Toll Free 888-412-6950

Princess Linda
(Click image)

Princess Linda

 3 Princess Linda Amnicola,  3 Dendrobrium orchid sprays,  and  fresh cut tropical foliage.
  Select a light
blue 6-inch glass bud vase,  or a clear glass vase with decorative blue stones.

  $39.50 including shipping and our guarantee.  

Simply Anthuriums

 Ten of our freshest Anthuriums,  and a sampling of fresh tropical foliage.
A pleasing mix of color and shape !

$51.50  includes shipping and our guarantee of freshness.
Add $10 for a vase & greeting card upgrade.

Bouquet of Hearts - Mixed Anthuriums
(click image)

The Standard

The Standard Gift

Six smaller Anthuriums,  one Ginger,  one Bird of Paradise or Tropic Fleur,   two Dendrobrium  or Oncidium orchid sprays,  and fresh cut foliage.
This gift makes one nice family display.

$49.50  includes shipping and our guarantee.
Add $10 for a vase & greeting card upgrade.

Standard Plus

This gift includes eight medium Anthuriums,  two Bird of Paradise or Tropic Fleurtwo Ginger,  three Dendrobrium or Oncidium orchid sprays, and one dozen fresh tropical foliage.
A total of 27 individual pieces.

$66.50  shipping & our guarantee included.
Add $10 for a vase & greeting card upgrade.

Standard Plus Gift
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The Executive

Executive Gift - Main Display
(click image)

For the real flower lover !

Ten of our larger Anthuriums including Novelty varieties,  two Bird of Paradisetwo Ginger,  a small Heliconia,  and five Dendrobrium orchid sprays.  A total of 20 tropical blooms and 15 pieces of fresh cut tropical foliage.
Just right for the dining room ...

                     ...while leaving enough for guests.
Truly a special gift that will brighten your home and bring rave reviews ! 

$79.50  includes shipping & our guarantee.
Add $10 for a vase & greeting card upgrade.

Executive Gift - Guest Room Vase
(click image)

" Thinking of You ! "
Our "Thinking of You" Gift Package.

Lavender Lady...Purple Arc and Dendrobriums.
Lavender Lady
Purple Arc
(click image)

Order this delicate bouquet and in 30 days
we'll send a 2nd fresh arrangement to refill the vase with a mix 
of our very best tropical flowers.

Your gift will include an 8-inch vase and a lovely
Hawaiian floral sachet.

The 2nd bouquet will use different flowers and may
be sent at any specified date within a reasonable
amount of time.
Just send us your gift card message,  and we'll do the rest !

$99.50 includes shipping and our guarantee.
Order a single arrangement,  vase & sachet for $61.50

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Tropical Plants

Plants Are Not Available Until Further Notice


Full Size View of Our Holiday Trio of Colors
(click image)

Available Still in Red, White & Green...

Put some Tropical color in your Winter Scene with an Anthurium plant from Linda's Place
Each includes a hand made basket and decorative gift wrapping.
Total Price for one plant is
$39.50 including enclosure card and delivery. Order 2 for $61.50

Toll Free 1-888-412-6950

More Colorful Choices

Mickey Mouse Anthurium
Mickey Mouse

(click image)

Hawaiian Butterfly
Hawaiian Butterfly
(click image)

Pig Tail Anthurium
Pig Tail
(click image)

We're introducing a new line of Anthurium plants.
These are available in 4 inch pots and are ideal as individual gifts or together as a pair.

Each plant is decorated in colorful gift wrap and matching ribbon,
and is shipped with a handmade basket..

"Mickey" With Basket
(click image)

" Mickey Mouse "

The flowers of will increase in size and develop more distinctive green shading
 at the "ears" as the plant matures.

We consider this blossom to be a Novelty item,  and will occasionally
include one or more in our arrangements.

$39.50 includes shipping and enclosure card. Order 2 for $61.50

" Hawaiian Butterfly "

This is one of the more interesting plants of the Anthurium varieties.
It is a Novelty item as well,  and is also a prolific producer of new plants.
As it matures,  the plant has the appearance of nearly
always being in bloom.

$39.50 includes shipping and enclosure card. Order 2 for $61.50

Hawaiian Butterfly With Basket
(click image)

Orchid Lei 's

Dendrobrium Orchid Leis
Click Image

Our Dendrobrium Lei's are available in white,   purplelavender or mixed colors. Image at the left shows both a Single and a Double mixed orchid Lei.

Single Lei
approx. 45 blooms) $ 32.50 ($14 each add'l)
Double Lei
approx. 85 blooms) $ 39.50 ($20 each add'l)
Please call for quantities greater than 5.

View our Deluxe Upgrades page.

Call us Toll Free 888-412-6950

Linda's Place of Hawaii
"Local" Flower Shop

We have been doing business in Hawaii since 1993.
When you place a gift box order with us,  we select only our finest blooms.
This is our freshness guarantee to you !

Our Plants are "the perfect gift that keeps on giving." 
Each of our Anthurium plants are guaranteed healthy and are shipped
in bloom or in bud.
Some states have specific requirements.  Please contact us for details.

Business hours are generally  7 AM to  4 PM  Monday through Friday,  but we still answer calls evenings and weekends when near the phone. Note that Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) is 6 hours behind Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and 3 hours behind Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

FedEx shipping charges are included in our prices,  unless otherwise noted.  There is  $10.00 charge for Priority Overnight service.  There is also a $10.00 charge levied by FedEx for incorrect addresses and undeliverable packages.

We are happy to fill special orders,  subject to seasonal variations.  There is limited availability during periods of greater demand.  Orders should be placed well in advance of all special occasions as substitutions may be required.

We accept Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

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