We Can Solve Your Financial Problems http://lindasplacehawaii.com/ Thu, 02 Jul 2020 22:22:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.2 Understanding the Causes of Financial Problems http://lindasplacehawaii.com/nobody-wants-to-experience-financial-problems/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/nobody-wants-to-experience-financial-problems/#respond Thu, 02 Jul 2020 08:56:09 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/?p=2378 All in all, the causes of financial problems are varied and complex. As with every other condition, the causes of a financial crisis are a complex mixture of factors. However, there are some major determinants of a financial crisis that can be easily identified and dealt with.

It is necessary to act immediately if you require emergency help. Do not wait until your situation worsens. Anybody who has been in a financial crisis will attest to the importance of immediate action.

Financial instability can cause you to lose everything you have. You can become totally broke within a couple of weeks. If you take no remedial measures before it is too late, you may never regain what was lost.

Nobody wants to experience financial problems

However, if you cannot manage your finances well, you will end up in a worst-case scenario. Most people who are ill-equipped to handle their finances eventually end up with bankruptcy.

Learn to manage your money. Take time to figure out exactly how much you are spending and save money for unexpected expenses. Be thrifty with your money and do not spend more than you earn.

Do not go to your local bank and ask for assistance. If you have a bad credit history and financial problems, you may need to try Green Day bad credit loans. They will lend you money.

Maintain healthy financial habits

You will be better off if you avoid filing for bankruptcy. Rather, work to improve your credit score and pay off your bills promptly.

It is not a good idea to file for bankruptcy just because you feel that you are in financial trouble. Be realistic about your situation. In most cases, bankruptcy is a last resort.

Financial mistakes are common and happen from time to time. Do not make the mistake of assuming that there is something wrong with you. In fact, many of us make the same mistakes on a regular basis. Just because we don’t see them every day does not mean they don’t exist.

Don’t let debt problems affect your life

Most financial problems can be solved. There are lots of financial firms that can help you negotiate and manage your finances.

Financial experts can give you good advice about the causes of financial problems. They can also help you fix the problems. They will help you understand the problem and also help you make a sound financial plan.

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Personal Finance and Consumer Protection http://lindasplacehawaii.com/personal-finance-and-consumer-protection/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/personal-finance-and-consumer-protection/#respond Fri, 26 Jun 2020 01:52:17 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/personal-finance-and-consumer-protection/ What do you know about Personal Finance and Consumer Protection?

What do you know about Personal Finance and Consumer Protection?

When people talk about Personal Finance and Consumer Protection, they often speak of protecting consumers from unscrupulous business owners. They also consider businesses that do not serve the public and are less than professional.

That’s right, many businesses have an agenda when it comes to advertising their services and products, because they know their business is mainly based on convincing people that they can be trusted with their money and, more importantly, their hard earned personal information. Personal Finance and Consumer Protection are the equivalent of consumer protection for business owners.

Unfortunately, most business owners want to have a monopoly over the buying and selling of services and products. They will say that they only have a business because they have a vision for the future, but the truth is that they do not really care about your welfare and are only interested in making a profit.

Some business owners even say that they are experts in the field of financial education, but the truth is that they are not. They know nothing about personal finance and are not knowledgeable about consumer protection or even how to put together a professional advertising campaign that is going to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Marketing campaign

Marketing campaign

You would think that with all of the billions of dollars that businesses spend each year on advertising that they would spend a little extra on a marketing campaign that was going to make them stand out from the competition. Yet, what you hear almost daily from business owners is that they simply do not have the money to spend on advertising.

If you take a look at what Personal Finance and Consumer Protection actually are, it’s not very complicated. It’s what happens when a business owner thinks it’s okay to make illegal and unethical practices as long as they don’t get caught.

This is not a good way to run a business because if someone complains about something, and it’s discovered that the business owner violated a law or committed a legal issue, it’s much harder to get restitution for the victim. In fact, this is why your first line of defense is to protect yourself by investing in a good financial education program that gives you the information you need to protect yourself.

Because the number of lawsuits filed against businesses, corporations, and individuals for both criminal and civil violations is growing, there is going to be a lot of court cases involving both civil and criminal offenses. So the sooner you take action to protect yourself, the better.

So when you hear someone say that they were just looking out for the interests of the business owner, or that the business owner should have known that an illegal activity was going to occur, and when they also claim that the owner should have known that this type of conduct was illegal, you know that you’re not listening to a legitimate point of view. Many business owners don’t even care about the law and more than likely will do anything they can to make money.

What about discrimination?

What about discrimination?

The business owner that is being discriminated against is the one that should be protected from discrimination, unfair treatment, and from harassment. When a person finds that they are being discriminated against, they should know that there is help available to them, but it might be up to them to find it.

Keep in mind that good customer service doesn’t have to be expensive. If you find a company that has a good reputation for providing good customer service, then make sure that you are selecting a company that offers a good customer service education program.

Personal Finance and Consumer Protection really isn’t that complicated once you know what it is and how to accomplish it. All it takes is a little education and some homework.

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Loans For Bad Credit Online – Instant Decision To Borrow Money http://lindasplacehawaii.com/loans-for-bad-credit-online-instant-decision-to-borrow-money/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/loans-for-bad-credit-online-instant-decision-to-borrow-money/#respond Thu, 25 Jun 2020 01:09:14 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/loans-for-bad-credit-online-instant-decision-to-borrow-money/ Loans for bad credit are available for people who have never made a payment on their debts and have at one time or another experienced the effects of financial hardship. There are different options available to borrowers, including non-traditional loans, such as revolving credit cards. But while these options may be better suited to some borrowers, they are not good options for others.

For people with poor credit histories, loans for bad credit are often best for their particular needs. There are loans for bad credit online available to borrowers in virtually every state. All you need to do is fill out a quick application and receive approval.


Bad credit history can result from several causes

Bad credit history can result from several causes

The most common is a bankruptcy, which is the biggest debt of them all. However, some other causes of poor credit include delinquencies on credit card or mortgage loans, missed or late payments, high-interest credit cards, and other types of loans that require repayment.

People may have been refused loans for bad credit because they had a bankruptcy, but there are some people who were able to make payments on those debts by using an arrangement of payoff. The repayment schedule depends on whether the loan was for personal or business use.

If you want to pay off some of your loans for bad credit before you apply for any new ones, payday loans can be an excellent option. They are similar to payday loans for the short-term need. However, you will need to have a steady source of income in order to qualify for a payday loan.

However, it is not wise to take an unsecured loan that you cannot afford to repay. It is also not wise to use an unsecured loan to cover up a credit card bill. It is easier to get a credit card bill paid off through payday loans.

When applying for a payday loan, you should be prepared to disclose all of your financial information, including all of your bills and income, when you apply. Some lenders have higher interest rates than others. To help you save time, you can compare lenders on the Internet.


You can easily apply for a payday loan from many online loan sites

payday loan from many online loan sites

Once you have applied, the lender will provide you with an approval or denial letter. You can then decide whether or not to proceed with the application.

When you need a loan and get an instant decision on it, it is important to ensure that you use a lender that is reputable. It is easy to find a lender by searching on the Internet. However, you should keep a list of trusted lenders in case you have more than one application in front of you.

Before applying for a loan, it is always a good idea to have a meeting with a lender in person or at your business office. Check out the cost and terms of the loan carefully and discuss them with the lending officer. Be prepared to explain your finances clearly and honestly.


Banks and other financial institutions can sometimes place undue pressure

Banks and other financial institutions can sometimes place undue pressure

Institutions can sometimes place undue pressure borrowers who have bad credit. For this reason, it is best to work with a lending agency. You will be in charge of your own financial future, and they will be the one to tell you if you are approved for a loan.

It is easy to apply for loans for bad credit. In fact, you can get an approval almost instantly. The process of getting approved is fast and easy, and you will have a lower interest rate than any other type of loan.

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Credit report http://lindasplacehawaii.com/credit-report/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/credit-report/#respond Sun, 17 Nov 2019 00:30:26 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/credit-report/ “How do you clean up your credit report?” – This is a question that bothers most of the 35 million Americans with less than perfect credit. According to popular credit fixing myths, it takes years, financial effort and careful budget planning. However, there are much easier and smarter ways to fix your credit report. The only thing needed for quick credit repair is credit knowledge.


Here are 3 simple tips that will show you how credit knowledge can be useful in order to clean up your credit report.

1. Never pay your collection in full. Always settle for less

Never pay your collection in full. Always settle for less

recovery to make the bank from a huge crowd of uninformed people with bad credit. Bailiffs literally pay pennies for every dollar you owe. If the debt has recently been charged off, they pay 5-6 cents on the dollar. If it is an old debt they pay 1, 5-2 cents per dollar. Old and out-of-state bills are usually sold for less than a penny on a dollar. If you’re into mathematics, you’ll realize that collection agencies still make a pretty handsome profit from you, even if you pay them 25% or less. And this gives a fairly good leverage effect during negotiations.


2. Debt approval

Debt approval

Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), all credit bureaus, collection agencies and original creditors are required to ensure the correctness of the debt at the consumer’s request. If they fail to provide the proper documentation, they are to remove the negative item from the credit report. Because most of your debt will be resold to various agencies down the road, most of them don’t have the proper documentation to approve their debt. Use this fact by the pressure collection agencies to delete the item with the record.


3. Payment for removal

Payment for removal

This is the best you can do to increase your credit standing. A paid collection does not have to raise your score. On the contrary, it can lower it. A deleted set, on the other hand, will increase your score immediately. Negotiate with the collection agencies and promise them to pay only if you delete the item with the record. It sounds like a business proposition and remind them of the handsome profit they make of you.

The answer to the question “how to clean up your credit report” is simple: to learn more about the credit system and the various gaps in it. When you start thinking outside the box, you’ll be surprised at how easy credit repair is reality.

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Bad credit loans -Internet loans for bad credit: We could accept your application http://lindasplacehawaii.com/bad-credit-loans-internet-loans-for-bad-credit-we-could-accept-your-application/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/bad-credit-loans-internet-loans-for-bad-credit-we-could-accept-your-application/#respond Fri, 08 Nov 2019 17:42:17 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/bad-credit-loans-internet-loans-for-bad-credit-we-could-accept-your-application/

Online loans have become a trend in Europe. Spain does not escape from this, it is a sector that is growing thanks to the universal credit that opens the doors to flexible and immediate financing. Orlando Personal Loan is one of those platforms whose mission is to solve the problems that arise due to a lack of liquidity. It is a company that offers a line of efficient short and medium-term loans.

Internet loans for bad credit: We could accept your application where others have not 

  • Requesting money is a positive experience.
  • This company offers multiple solutions in each of the services.
  • Clarity and justice are represented in the contract.
  • Loyal customers opt for attractive offers.
  • They have a guarantee of protection of the personal data of the users.

Credibility, reliability, speed, and transparency, are the values ​​that customers have written to express their pleasure of having had the service. By having a 24-hour service, it is a great advantage for those who want to apply for an internet payday loan from purplepaydayloans company. 

In general, the money requested by the users is destined to solve financial problems, restore complications in the home, cover expenses in the car inspection or simply as a prevention system for unforeseen future events.

How does Orlando Personal Loan work?

money cash

The commitment and responsibility of its customers is the essence of this company. Transparency in credits is a philosophy. It is an expert team that is part of the members of the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions.

Applying for money at Orlando Personal Loan is easy, fast and secure. In just minutes you already have the solution in three steps:

  1. Select the desired quantity.
  2. Indicate the term of the return
  3. Fill in the application form.

Service features

This approval process takes place within a maximum period of 15 minutes. However, when it comes to new customers, this concession will fulfill a phase of verification via telephone. Some features when applying for microcredit in Orlando Personal Loan are:

  • The objective is to process applications in record time. The money is sent within 15 minutes.
  • Efficient service. The credit line application is automatically processed and available 24 hours a day.
  • For customers who request the mini-credit and credit line for the first time, a maximum amount of 300 euros and 1,200 euros are granted, respectively.
  • The company offers an amount greater than the one established if the client uses the service properly as a reward for his level of trust.
  • If the user is already a customer, he can request up to 2,000 euros.
  • If it is the first time, you can ask for only 1,200 euros.
  • The minimum amount for one to opt for a line of credit is 300 euros.

This service has the information that the client deserves. Fidelity is your way of working. The client will be notified of the amount to be paid at the time of returning the money granted without hidden costs or surprises. As well as the most timely advice on financial matters.

This important credit company places a high value on responsibility and transparency. That is why if the customer does not comply with the payment can generate an administrative process that is equivalent to additional expenses.

Requirements for the loan application

money cash

Those customers who wish to request money easily and quickly on this platform must meet these requirements:

  • Be permanently domiciled in Spain.
  • Be over 21 years old.
  • Not having legal restrictions to work.
  • Apply for credit on the website.
  • Fill the form.
  • Declare that there are no obstacles to the return of money.

Credit line

It is a financial service that makes available to customers for a period of 12 months. Interest is paid according to the amount requested. It is a benefit of up to 2,000 euros.

The requirements are:

  • Be aged between 21 and 65 years.
  • Not be listed on any delinquency list.
  • Have demonstrable monthly income, whether pension, unemployment or payroll.


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How is the creditors' repayment plan going? http://lindasplacehawaii.com/how-is-the-creditors-repayment-plan-going/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/how-is-the-creditors-repayment-plan-going/#respond Sat, 21 Sep 2019 19:32:02 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/how-is-the-creditors-repayment-plan-going/ When consumer bankruptcy is declared, a credit repayment plan is generally drawn up. It is not prepared only if the court finds that the bankrupt’s personal situation clearly indicates that he would not be able to make any repayments under the repayment plan.

So if the debtor, for example, has current income above the value of the minimum wage, the court will probably determine the creditors’ repayment plan.

The bankruptcy court decides how it will proceed

The bankruptcy court decides how it will proceed

On what basis is the preparation of such a plan based? Insolvency proceedings after bankruptcy usually take place in two stages. The first is the liquidation phase, consisting in the liquidation of the bankrupt’s assets and cashing them in to meet their obligations to creditors.

The second is the phase of implementation of the creditors’ repayment plan , the course of which is determined, among others based on what was achieved during phase one.

At the first stage of bankruptcy proceedings, the trustee takes liquidation measures, which usually involve selling off the bankrupt’s assets, valuable movables, and above all owned and inhabited property. When selling a debtor’s apartment, you can usually get the most money to pay the debtor’s obligations to your creditors, which is why this is usually the main point of liquidation.

The sale of all home appliances and electronics is another cash option


That is often necessary and also helps to satisfy creditors’ claims. However, the debtor has the right to keep primarily personal belongings and things he needs to work for a living. This phase ends when the bankrupt leaves the previously occupied housing unit.

The bankruptcy court is legitimate to apply for determining the repayment plan of creditors, while the commercial court is authorized to make binding decisions in this respect. The repayment plan is established in the form of an order and is created on the basis of the personal and financial possibilities of the bankrupt. If the court decided to terminate the bankruptcy process in the first phase, only half of the creditors repaid would be injured.

Usually, each of them counts on total financial satisfaction

Usually, each of them counts on total financial satisfaction

That is why, as a rule, you do not resign from the second stage of bankruptcy. The repayment plan is established for up to 3 years, unless it is possible to repay the debt faster. It is no longer based on selling the bankrupt’s assets, but on regular repayment of liabilities.

After this period, if the bankrupt has been responsible responsibly so far, they are canceled by the court . If his income allows for full repayment of all liabilities, this is obviously included in the three-year repayment plan so that the debt is actually repaid in full.

The bankrupt must therefore ensure regular income from which he will be able to fulfill his obligation according to the agreed repayment plan of the creditors. Both stages of the bankruptcy process are very important and must be treated responsibly by the bankrupt.

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Transfer Mortgage http://lindasplacehawaii.com/transfer-mortgage/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/transfer-mortgage/#respond Sun, 08 Sep 2019 19:39:23 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/transfer-mortgage/ Recently, Good Finance was a protagonist in SIC’s Savings Accounts. Let us know the real potential of transferring housing credit to save money.

In this article you can view the interview and see how it is possible to save money by transferring your mortgage credit.

Fill in the Contact Form

Fill in the Contact Form

The first step to start your process is to fill out the form with your information. Two documents will also be requested (last IRS and map of credit responsibilities of Banco de Portugal). In possession of this information you will be able to diagnose your concrete case to prepare item 2.

Answer Some Questions

Answer Some Questions

After a brief diagnosis you will be contacted by a specialized consultant who will also be interested in your process. The purpose of the contact will be to better understand all the specifics of your request, collect some additional information and clarify any doubts you have.

In order to submit your request to the various banks we will request some additional documents. Fortunately or unfortunately the housing credit process is a bureaucratic process but there is no way around this reality. However, after you send us the requested documents, your consultant will handle all the bureaucracies themselves, which saves you a lot of work …

Approval of Your Order

Approval of Your Order

The third step is to approve your credit application and formalize the transfer. Here you will have all the support in the processing of information / documentation, evaluation scheduling, bank bureaucracies, marking of the deed, among others. At the end of the process you are already saving both the spread (which will get a cheaper spread) and other expenses like insurance and commissions.

That’s it. In three steps you can save money on your mortgage, without any associated cost – we reiterate that Good Finance does not charge costs for housing credit.

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Comparison & facts for those looking for loans despite payment remarks | Payday Loans http://lindasplacehawaii.com/comparison-facts-for-those-looking-for-loans-despite-payment-remarks-payday-loans/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/comparison-facts-for-those-looking-for-loans-despite-payment-remarks-payday-loans/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 06:56:46 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/comparison-facts-for-those-looking-for-loans-despite-payment-remarks-payday-loans/ Do you have one or more payment notes and are looking for a quick loan? If this is the case, it is good to know that it is absolutely possible to borrow money. Namely, there are a number of lenders who offer their customers to take out loans even if there are active payment notes. However, there should be no debt balance at Kronofogden but everything must be repaid.

Credit check

Although the lenders may conceivably lend money to people with payment complaints, this does not mean that they will automatically accept such an application. A regular credit check will be done and it is what it shows that determines whether you can borrow or not.
The payment note here will pull down the rating but it can still be high enough if there are other positive aspects of your finances. Such are, for example, a fixed income from a job and that you do not have too many other debts.

No major difference on lenders

No major difference on lenders
There is really no big difference when it comes to prices etc on the lenders who accept applications despite payment remarks. What is different is that you have significantly fewer options when looking for quick loans and SMS loans and have payment notes. It is conceivable that the very cheapest lenders offering this type of loan do not approve notes, so you may be forced to choose one that is a little more expensive.
It is therefore important that you consider your loan and feel that you really want to borrow, so that it is worth the money. It is not always a loan that is right and if you have a payment note it may be a sign that something is not quite right in your finances.
If you still feel that you want to take out a loan, it is an advantage if you compare the lenders who actually approve a quick loan despite the payment note so that you still get the best price and terms. You can, for example, do this in our large comparison of fast loans and SMS loans. There you can also filter so that you only see the lenders where one or more comments are ok.

The conditions are the same

There is also no difference between these micro loans in terms of the terms. The loans are fast loans as the name implies, which means that the money must be repaid quickly. The maturity is often 30 days but may differ for some. The size of the loans is normally between USD 500 – 10,000.

Use the money for the right thing

It is important when you take a quick loan that you use the money for the right things. For example, it is not a good idea to use the loan to repay other debts. Then you will only incur more and more interest costs.

List of lenders

A little further down here on the page you will find a list of a number of lenders who accept applications for quick loans from people who have payment notes. There you can find some basic facts that can help you decide whether to borrow or not. You can also find interest rates and fees for the loans, so you can compare and see which ones are best.
If you are considering taking out a loan with less favorable terms, such as a quick loan, then it is important to first get into the various but mainly disadvantages, is an external resource with good, independent information.

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Characteristics of a credit card http://lindasplacehawaii.com/characteristics-of-a-credit-card/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/characteristics-of-a-credit-card/#respond Tue, 13 Aug 2019 07:28:54 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/characteristics-of-a-credit-card/ If you are a new cardholder, you should know in detail the characteristics of a credit card. This way you will be familiar with its elements, and their respective functions. In this article you can know what these characteristics are.

A credit card is an identification card that gives you access to a line of credit. This card is accepted as a means of payment in all establishments that are affiliated with this system.

The main features of a credit card are the ones you can see below.

Materials and dimensions of a credit card

Materials and dimensions of a credit card

Credit cards have a worldwide recognized standard design, given by ISO / IEC 7810 ID-1. Its dimensions are 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (33/8 inch × 21/8 inch). Then, its size is similar to that of a debit card or identification card.

They are made of resistant plastic, and contain other materials in their security elements (chip and magnetic stripe). Due to the material used in credit cards and similar ones, they are also called plastic money.

Characteristics of a credit card at the design level

Characteristics of a credit card at the design level

Financial institutions issue credit cards acting as franchises of international brands. Therefore, they are identified both by the brand and by the institution.

The design of the credit card is varied, even within the same type of card and franchise. There are standard designs of credit card, as well as other very particular ones that identify some special conditions.

Among the characteristics of a credit card is that in standard designs

Among the characteristics of a credit card is that in standard designs

The background color is significant. This color indicates the type or category of card within the franchise. For example for Visa and Mastercard, if it is gold it is Gold type and if it is Platinum gray.

On the other side, the card has a security chip, which for greater security contains your data encrypted. Also in relief you can see the card number, and the issuance and expiration dates. Your name is also printed on the back, although in flat print.

On the back or back the card has a magnetic stripe, and the CVV or security code is printed. The CVV is a three-digit code that is used, among other operations, in online payments.

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Insurance: Which are Mandatory and Which are Not? http://lindasplacehawaii.com/insurance-which-are-mandatory-and-which-are-not/ http://lindasplacehawaii.com/insurance-which-are-mandatory-and-which-are-not/#respond Mon, 12 Aug 2019 04:30:20 +0000 http://lindasplacehawaii.com/insurance-which-are-mandatory-and-which-are-not/ Your car, telephone, home, bicycle or moped and even your life: you just think about it and you can insure it. The possibilities are therefore endless. But which variants are mandatory and which are not? A clear overview.



health insurance

As a private individual you are not obliged to take out insurance, unless you have your own vehicle (car, moped, delivery van, etc.). Then a car insurance with civil liability is mandatory to drive on the Belgian roads. It covers your responsibility for all material and physical damage that you could cause to third parties in an accident for which you are responsible.



health insurance

Today, fire insurance is not required by law, but it is highly recommended. When you sign a lease, the owner can demand that you take out fire insurance in your name. If a fire starts, your insurance will reimburse the insured amount. Normally the owner will insure the building himself and you do not have to take out a full housing policy.

If you buy a house and go for that loan, the bank may require you to conclude outstanding balance.

Then there is the family insurance , which comes in handy when damage is done to someone else in private life. For example: if your son kills the neighbors’ window with a football, your family insurance will cover the damage. Another example: you drive against friends’ garage doors. Then your family insurance will reimburse the costs. Always check who is covered by the insurance.

Finally, there is sickness and hospitalization insurance . These ensure that doctor visits, but also hospital examinations and operations are partially reimbursed. Via the compulsory health insurance (mutual insurance or health insurance fund) you probably already have a nice insurance that you cover in many cases. But you can also take out additional insurance policies in order to still be reimbursed for the costs that the compulsory health insurance does not cover, for example a hospitalization with accommodation in a single room.



health insurance

Of course you decide for yourself the cost of your insurance depending on the items you wish to insure. If you choose to insure every item that you own, such as the screen of your smartphone, your wedding or engagement ring, etc., it will cost you more. But you can also insure other aspects of life, such as a life insurance policy , a funeral insurance policy or pension savings insurance .

Maybe this is the ideal time to take stock of your insurance policies? Are you sufficiently or just too much insured, or do you doubt that? Visit one of our agencies and discover the different insurance formulas that Clarissa Harlowe proposes.

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