Insurance: Which are Mandatory and Which are Not?

Your car, telephone, home, bicycle or moped and even your life: you just think about it and you can insure it. The possibilities are therefore endless. But which variants are mandatory and which are not? A clear overview.



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As a private individual you are not obliged to take out insurance, unless you have your own vehicle (car, moped, delivery van, etc.). Then a car insurance with civil liability is mandatory to drive on the Belgian roads. It covers your responsibility for all material and physical damage that you could cause to third parties in an accident for which you are responsible.



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Today, fire insurance is not required by law, but it is highly recommended. When you sign a lease, the owner can demand that you take out fire insurance in your name. If a fire starts, your insurance will reimburse the insured amount. Normally the owner will insure the building himself and you do not have to take out a full housing policy.

If you buy a house and go for that loan, the bank may require you to conclude outstanding balance.

Then there is the family insurance , which comes in handy when damage is done to someone else in private life. For example: if your son kills the neighbors’ window with a football, your family insurance will cover the damage. Another example: you drive against friends’ garage doors. Then your family insurance will reimburse the costs. Always check who is covered by the insurance.

Finally, there is sickness and hospitalization insurance . These ensure that doctor visits, but also hospital examinations and operations are partially reimbursed. Via the compulsory health insurance (mutual insurance or health insurance fund) you probably already have a nice insurance that you cover in many cases. But you can also take out additional insurance policies in order to still be reimbursed for the costs that the compulsory health insurance does not cover, for example a hospitalization with accommodation in a single room.



health insurance

Of course you decide for yourself the cost of your insurance depending on the items you wish to insure. If you choose to insure every item that you own, such as the screen of your smartphone, your wedding or engagement ring, etc., it will cost you more. But you can also insure other aspects of life, such as a life insurance policy , a funeral insurance policy or pension savings insurance .

Maybe this is the ideal time to take stock of your insurance policies? Are you sufficiently or just too much insured, or do you doubt that? Visit one of our agencies and discover the different insurance formulas that Clarissa Harlowe proposes.

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