Small Loan: All You Need to Know About the Quick Mini Credit Online

To urgently obtain a small credit, one can apply to High-loan, a financial company that mainly addresses a public refused by conventional banks. With the new European legislation, combined with new technologies, the procedure to obtain a micro loan has become a breeze.

High-loan, a mini credit to repay in less than a month.

Hiloan, a mini credit to repay in less than a month.

In the event of a financial hardship, the speed of obtaining a loan can make all the difference. All of us had a difficult month in the aftermath of an unforeseen event, all of which we had moments when the salary was not enough to pay the expenses. We are talking about cash flow difficulties, which can be solved traditionally with an authorized overdraft or, at worst, a revolving credit. This is an unsupported credit solution for people who have easy access to bank financing.

For others, there were only two choices: either make a loan between individuals by asking money from friends or family, or… make a default, with all that this may involve. High-loan, a brand of the Martini bank ” Vedo bank ” comes to bring a simple financial solution, allowing most to access the micro express credit, with amounts up to 1000 euros.

Other options of a credit

Other option of a credit

Others, new customers who would like to use “Credit Plus” must accept the terms of a contract. This more substantial offer is no significantly less than a revolving credit, on special terms. It is hence possible to get the money rapidly if the account had been open. This is the case if we had already borrowed from High-loan before. The express option to obtain credit in under 24 hours, extraordinary speed for a credit, is very costly. For a credit of € 199 (maximum allowed for new customers) it’s important to pay € 49. 75, ie in total with interest, € 250 to repay.

This is a rate of 25%, to which the usurious interest rate is added. So we are beyond usury, a prohibited practice, except “legal pirouette”, which High-loan techniques thoroughly. We are far from the ” benevolent financier ” who serves as their slogan…

Borrowers who are already customers of High-loan can apply for credit via SMS, making it even easier to obtain a loan in complete discretion.

credit to the FICP, even if it is unlikely. High-loan has its own way of assessing risk, based on all the data it finds about the customer, including the FICP.

If High-loan, a company under Martini law, decides nonetheless to move forward with the loan, it is at its risk. The higher costs are better understood: the riskier the loan, the higher the interest. On the other hand, very short-term credits are much simpler to acquire than credits to repay over years, because of the lower risk.

The person at the FICP who requests a credit to repay in 15 days knows that she will receive her salary or allowances before, and that she will be able to meet her credit deadline.

Scam warning

Perhaps one of the most popular forms of credit scams is fake websites offering microcredits. We must be sure you check that we are on the initial site by checking the address in his browser.

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