After Hawaii Five-0, Scott Caan has landed his next big TV series

After spending the first 15 years of his career almost entirely as a screen actor, outside of pilots that didn’t make it, Scott Caan turned the TV script up on that status quo first with a recurring role entourage and then with a decade-long starring role on CBS’ influential (if problematic for reasons of their own) drama reboot Hawaii Five-0. After ten years portraying Danno Williams in the Aloha State, Caan took a step back from the small screen to write, produce and star in the upcoming crime drama A day as a lionand that was announced last September He would return to CBS for the drama Topangaland. The fate of this project is unclear at this time, but Caan has now signed on for another major broadcast series that appears destined for an earlier debut.

Scott Caan will star in the new drama alarmaccording to Variety, and fans never have to worry about this project failing as Fox confirmed its direct-to-production order back in May 2022. For the new drama, Caan will join previously cast Dania Ramirez, another entourage Vet who has worked on more fantastic TV series such as There was once and The hit from Netflix that will return soon sweet tooth.

alarm will be based in Philadelphia (rather than Los Angeles as before) and will focus on the officers who make up a missing persons unit. Scott Caan will portray a character named Devon who, surprisingly, is not a natural superior within the MPU. A smart and exceptionally brave guy, Devon was in his element when he found himself in the unpredictable turmoil of war in Iraq, but after his 11-year-old son goes missing, his world is wrenched from beneath him.

Six years after the boy’s first disappearance, Devon’s existence has only dimmed as he lives on in the shambles of his broken marriage. Then one day he gets a call from his ex Nikki (Dania Ramirez), who is the superintendent of a missing persons unit, in an effort to get him to help locate the young victim of a kidnapping. While there will no doubt be procedural elements involved, it already seems clear that this show is destined to tie the cases together. And since this isn’t a premium cable network, the odds are much higher that the son will be found alive before all is said and done.

alarm is the creation of the longtime writer and producer The Black List, John Eisendrath, who will also serve as executive producer and showrunner on the Scott Caan drama. Given Caan’s recent push to put more creative effort into the writing phase, it’s certainly possible he could jump into the writing space later on in this project as well.

Since it’s still in the casting phase, that probably means alarm has a production window in mind in the near future, though we probably won’t see Scott Caan in the role until late spring or summer of 2023. Until then, anyone can with one Paramount+ subscription can watch all ten seasons of Hawaii Five-0and go to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows coming up before the end of the year.

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