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Hakalau, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hakalau, Hawaii –

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, a Hakalau, HI based company, offers Hawaiian luxury rehab services that are considered the ultimate in high-end rehab treatment. Her holistic, non-12-step approach involves restoring health, balance, and a new sense of purpose. Through naturopathic treatment, the regenerative power of nature and deep introspective work, the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychology are combined to offer a truly transformative process.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is an eight-bed private estate on a 30-acre ocean-view estate that prides itself on attractive accommodations, elegant decorations and exceptional amenities. What sets them apart from other luxury rehab facilities is the fact that the program focuses on asking questions, not giving advice.

A spokesman for Exclusive Hawaii Rehab said, “We believe that each person who visits our scenic spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean is unique. Upon arrival, your treatment program will be individually tailored to you. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a collaborative, individualized method to provide you with optimal holistic healing. Our no 12 step rehab center offers you a holistic journey where we help you reshape old thought patterns that no longer serve you and help you heal from the inside out. Not only will you feel better physically, but we will help you heal the emotional wounds you have yet to heal. Combining body, mind and spirit treatments, you will leave our wellness retreat revitalized and ready to take on the world in your newfound happiness and sobriety.”

They use holistic treatment and self-empowerment instead of the 12-step model. Her approach examines the underlying emotions behind the specific addiction. In contrast, the 12-step program uses the same approach for each person entering the program and provides no space to address the past traumas and root causes of addiction. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, her goal is to address the underlying imbalances that may have caused the addiction. The program encourages each person to delve deep into their emotions and their past to better understand how to adjust their mindset to enable a life of happiness and serenity.

The program takes the person through a journey that explores the person’s vulnerability, emotional acceptance, belief clarification, being and life purpose. Once program participants have mastered these five areas, they will be able to see the difference in how they cope each day and the potential crises they may face. This luxurious wellness retreat allows each individual to find their own self-identity outside of their addiction.

The Stimulus Belief Response will help participants assess their views and perceptions of the interactions and situations they encounter every day. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers a safe and private space where they can delve deep into their addiction and examine the emotional distress they are experiencing. The goal is to transform the person’s history of self-destructive coping methods and replace them with powerful tools that bring about positive change while fostering a desire to live a life of meaning and serenity.

Founded in 2003, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private luxury drug and alcohol treatment center on the Big Island of Hawaii, also known as “The Healing Island.” Nestled on a serene and scenic bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they offer a safe, nurturing environment suitable for people recovering from an addiction. Her holistic, non-12-step rehab is personalized for each specific patient to meet their specific needs and is a comprehensive and cohesive path to recovery that frees the patient from the clutches of addiction.

Also available from Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is the premier executive rehab center. A holistic approach is used to help leaders relax and rediscover their true selves and heal the root causes of addiction.

Those interested in learning more about the services Exclusive Hawaii Rehab offers can visit their website or contact their admissions coordination team by phone at any time.


For more information on Exclusive Hawaii Rehab contact the company at:

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