Hawaiian Residents: Tourism is worth all the trouble



Bring the tourists!

This is what most Hawaiian residents say, regardless of the problems involved.


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The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) released the results of its spring 2021 resident sentiment survey during its board meeting in June this week, noting that while many are concerned about the growth of the visitor industry, the majority of Hawaiian residents believe that tourism worth the trouble associated with it.

The residents were asked various questions, including:

– “In 2019, visitors to Hawaii spent nearly $ 18 billion, generating $ 2 billion in government tax revenue to support local schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Do you think tourism is worth the problems associated with the industry? “

More than 75 percent of Hawaiian residents across the state said yes, with 78 percent of Oahu residents answering “yes”, along with 73 percent of Island of Hawaii, 70 percent of Maui County, and 70 percent of residents from Kauai.

Ironically, the highest percentage of those who said tourism is not worth the trouble came after demographics from residents ages 18 to 34 and those who lived in Hawaii for less than a year.

– Residents were also asked questions about overall tourism management and the results were mixed. Almost half (44 percent) of nationwide residents gave a positive (ie rating from 6 to 10) or “don’t know” rating in their agreement that “I feel that tourism is better managed on my island”. Of the four counties, those on Kauai had the highest percentage of positive responses (46%) to this statement.

– The survey results also showed what specific tourism management strategies are important for the residents. The highest percentage of residents said that educating visitors and residents about Malama – or taking care of the islands and each other (88 percent) is extremely or moderately important in order to get rid of illegal vacation rentals on my island (76 percent) and charging for visitor access to state parks and trails (71 percent).

– Regarding the general mood of residents towards tourism, the survey found that initiatives that increase the economic benefits and quality of life of tourism, combined with organized tourism efforts, can do the most to improve the mood of residents. Compared to the 2020 survey results, fewer residents felt that the tourism industry creates many well-paid jobs or jobs with opportunities for advancement. Fewer residents were also of the opinion that the tourism industry improves the quality of life for residents.

Hawaii will reduce COVID-19 travel and restrictions once its newest vaccination target is reached on July 8, which will mean that even more tourists are likely to visit the islands in 2021.


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