How the Hawaiian parents’ search for missing Idaho children led to the discovery of human remains


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When the police discovered human remains on Chad Daybell’s property, Perhaps you’re one step closer to answering a question family, friends, and many others have asked for months: Where are Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow?

In the search for his 17-year-old sister’s missing 7-year-old boy, every twist was sharp and unexpected as loved ones pleaded with their missing mother and husband to bring them home safely.

With her mother, Lori Vallow, now in custody including two charges of desertion and child failure and her husband Chad Daybell in court on Wednesday, what happened to Joshua and his sister could soon become clearer.

A social check leads the police in search of the truth

In late November, relatives asked police in Rexburg, Idaho, to conduct a social check on Joshua for not having spoken to him recently.

But the police did not find him in the house when they arrived.

They saw Vallow and Daybell, who authorities said Joshua was staying with a family friend in Arizona. When the police returned the next day to deliver a search warrant, both Vallow and Daybell were gone.

Suspicions grew when authorities learned that no child had been seen since September. Tylee was last seen on September 8 when she was visiting Yellowstone National Park with Joshua, Vallow, and their uncle Alex Cox.

Joshua was last seen on Sept. 23, the last time he attended Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, before his mother informed the school that a judicial affidavit said she would be home tutoring him.

Questions arose: Where were the children? How did they go for so long without anyone hearing from them? Why should her mother run away and where had she gone?

When the police were looking for the couple in December for answers to these questions, a lawyer for them made a statement on their behalf News from East Idaho, said he was in contact with them and they wanted to refute all allegations against them.

But he also said he didn’t know where they were.

Deaths related to the disappearance

Although police were unable to get answers from their mother, details of the events surrounding the children’s disappearance quickly emerged, raising further questions.

Just before the Tylee, Joshua and their mother moved from Arizona to Idaho, Vallow’s estranged husband was shot dead during a fight with her brother, who was not charged and died in December. The reported CNN subsidiary KIFI / KIDK.

Daybell has also been married once. His former wife, Tammy Daybell, died on October 19th. A few weeks later, he and Vallow married.

Authorities initially believed Tammy Daybell died of natural causes, but Rexburg police later said her death was suspect and exhumed her body.

After Vallow and Daybell got married, they told some witnesses that Tylee died a year before her father and others that Vallow had no young children, police said.

“We have taken every step at our disposal, including executing multiple search warrants, consulting multiple sources, and reviewing any evidence found,” said the Rexburg police said in a December press release. “We firmly believe that Joshua and Tylee’s lives are in danger.”

“She thinks she is a resurrected being”

Those close to the couple said they were implicated in strong religious ideologies in the lead up to the deaths and disappearances.

The Arizona Police released body camera footage from January 2019 by Vallow’s ex-husband Charles Vallow, who said he could not reach the children.

He said their marriage has deteriorated rapidly and “she thinks she is a resurrected being and a god”.

“I don’t know what she’s going to do with you,” Charles Vallow told officers that evening, referring to Joshua and Tylee. “I don’t know if she will flee with them; if it hurts them. “

Charles Vallow was killed in the fight about five months later.

Daybell was connected to a religious website called Preparing a People, which describes itself as a “series of lectures focusing on self-reliance and personal preparation.”

Michael and Nancy James, Editors of the website, said they had decided to pull content with either Daybell or Vallow given the death of Tammy Daybell and the disappearance of the kids.

Found mother and husband in Hawaii

The couple were found in January in Hawaii, where they had been since December 1, when authorities were looking for Vallow’s children.

They were served a search warrant and the police gave Vallow a deadline to turn Joshua and Tylee over to the authorities. But that deadline came and went without any trace of the two.

With her mother and her husband is the one Grandparents of children children, her brother and Daybells Brother begged her: just give us the kids.

“I’ll get on my knees and beg,” said Joshua’s grandfather Larry Woodcock. “Just give me JJ.”

Police did not immediately bring charges against Vallow or Daybell, but said their goal was to find the children.

But Vallow was arrested in February and extradited from Hawaii in March. Her bail is still $ 1 million and a preliminary hearing is due to begin July 9th.

Daybell was jailed on Tuesday, Rexburg deputy chief of police Gary Hagen said at a press conference, a video shows CNN subsidiary KIFI / KIDK.

Hagen did not say what charges could be brought against him, but said human remains were found on his Idaho property. These remains have not yet been identified, he said.

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