How will Hurricane Darby affect Hawaii?

Rain is in the Hawaii weather forecast through the weekend, with remnants of two separate tropical cyclones — Bonnie and Darby — expected to hit the islands, the National Weather Service said.

“Both systems approach from the south, so Big Island and Maui County [which includes Maui, Molokai and Lanai] are likely to see more moisture,” said Maureen Ballard, a forecaster for the Honolulu Bureau of Weather Service. “Moisture could infiltrate other islands as well.”

Clouds and showers favor windward and mauka locations, the weather service said. Showers are expected to increase Tuesday night through Wednesday night as tropical moisture associated with ex-Tropical Cyclone Bonnie sweeps through.

“Bonnie was an eastern Pacific hurricane,” Ballard said. “It’s extinct, and we can still track the cloud features on satellites.”

Close behind Bonnie, the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Darby, which is currently a hurricane, will pass south of the Big Island and bring more rain and wind to the islands over the weekend, the weather service said.

“Darby is an active system, it’s a hurricane right now,” Ballard said. “If Darby moves west, we expect a weakening. At 5 a.m. Hawaii time, Darby was approximately 1,700 miles east-southeast of Hilo.”

Ballard said the rain associated with Darby is expected to be heavier than Bonnie’s, but the prediction is still too far away to pinpoint. “We are expecting an increase in rain at Darby and the system is expected to remain stronger than Bonnie as it approaches but is then expected to die.”

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