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Shooters take aim during the kneeling portion of the Maui Interscholastic League air rifle meet Saturday at Baldwin High School Range. The photo by Maui News/DAKOTA GROSSMAN

WAILUKU — Alia-Marie Hufana wore her green knit lucky hat tied gently under her chin and smiled after hearing she had the highest score of the day during the first in-person Maui Interscholastic League airgun game of the season.

After a post meeting last week, Hufana shot 89 prone, 83 standing and 88 kneeling for a combined score of 260 in Baldwin High School’s JROTC armory on Saturday. She also led the King Kekaulike girls to a best team result of 975.

“This is my special hat” said Hufana, a senior at Hawaii Technology Academy who is running for Na Alii. “I would normally wear this if I was taking pictures, but we can’t wear hats, so I don’t, but I would if I could.”

After moving away from Oahu in her sophomore year and attending a school without an athletics program, Hufana appreciated attending the MIL where she has the opportunity to be on a team and be coached by coach Torrey Ho-Ching, who is there also is her mother.

“It’s so much fun, I love it. It is great,” said Hufana. “All are great.”


With an MIL crown, a state championship, and a 4.0 GPA on her wish list for her senior year of high school, Hufana knows the techniques she needs to work on to get ahead.

“I definitely want to work on my standing and get it back into the high 80s and 90s, which is what I’ve done before, I just need to do it again.” She said. “I’m looking forward to being number one, I want to be number one but I think it’s going to be a good season for everyone. There are a lot of strong competitors this year so it will be a battle but I like the competition.”

Baldwin’s Connor Tumaneng had Saturday’s Top Boys result with 244, 91 prone, 70 standing and 83 kneeling – sixth overall.

“I know I could do better” said Tumaneng.

Still, the Bears second-grader says he enjoys the sport and got into it after his older brother “encouraged me to do it”

The shooters will compete in standing on Saturday. The photo by Maui News/DAKOTA GROSSMAN

Tumaneng wants to qualify for the Oct. 25 state championships on Oahu, he added, which will take time “Practice hard and be humble.”

Second overall was Ava Takahama of Kamehameha Maui, who shot a 252, including 78 standing, 81 kneeling and 93 prone – the day’s highest prone score at Baldwin’s Outdoor Range.

“I was surprised,” said Takahama. “I’m not used to shooting in hot weather, we have a gated building at our school, so I didn’t think I’d do that well, but I think I did well.”

After a few absences, the Warriors brought Ira Uradomo and David Takahama on board as new coaches this season.

“We worked a lot on standing because that’s the most difficult position and our coach made sure we worked on it really well.” said Kamehameha senior Jordan Holokai-Jacinto, who shot a 247 (81 prone, 82 standing, 84 kneeling) for third place. “For me personally, I just need to practice as I’ve been practicing and hopefully there’s progress, but I’m super happy with how… our new coach introduced us to new techniques and details that could help us out, and a lot of the shooters have improved a lot.”


The Maui High Girls finished second overall in the teams’ standings behind Na Alii with 970 points, followed by Kamehameha (951).

The Warriors led the boys’ division with 932 points, followed by the Sabers (837) and Bears (837).

Just five points separated the girls from King Kekaulike and Maui High on Saturday, and the Sabers’ top marksmen Dylan Arisumi and Kaytin Bayez said the key to success will be working together as a team and listening to their coaches.

“If we’re in tune, we’ll all shoot well at the same time, and if one person shoots badly, we’ll all be bad.” said Bayez, who shot 245. “To try and connect more with each other, sometimes we get together after practice and do things that you would normally do with friends like go to the mall or play games and that brings us closer together so we have the same energy. ”

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MIL Air Riflery Meeting #2

Saturday’s results

At Baldwin’s


NOTE: Top single goalscorers in BOLD

1. King Kekaulike 349-289-337-975: Alia-Marie Hufana 89-83-88-260, Tatum Astilla 87-72-80-239, Lilinoe Quitazol 83-72-84-239, Krystel Valoroso 90-62- 85-237, Kapualiliaoelena Rodrigues 83-50-75-208, Kuleana Regidor 73-53-68-194, Pasha Akina 60-47-62-169.

2. Maui High Girls 354-290-330-970: Dylan Arisumi 94-71-82-247, Kaytin Bayez 90-73-82-245, Lainie Inda 87-73-83-243, Lia Kagehiro 83-69-83 –235, Kamaile Talamai 83-73-74-230, Chloe Hokoana 76-52-81-209.

3. Kamehameha Maui 358-291-317-951: Ava Takahama 93-78-81-252, Jordan Holokai-Jacinto 81-82-84-247, Nicki Silva 95-64-78-237, Charlene Viera 86-67- 62-215, Cami Nakagawa 82-64-65-211, Keli’a Kang 81-54-74-209, Faith Ribao-Cravalho 79-63-65-207, Hailey Symonds 84-64-52-200, Ella Weber 79-55-60-194, Melina Espino 78-40-74-192.

4. Baldwin 358-273-323-934: Kirsten Schmitt 90-68-84-242, Danay Contreras 90-64-84-238, Skylar Watanabe 81-74-75-230, Maria Andrade 88-57-79-224 , Kaylee Miyamoto 82-67-75-224, Deena Sasai 84-61-75-220, Poerava Espaniola Brewster 90-45-76-211, Caroline Yacakalou 79-58-72-209, Rianna Ribucan 77-56-72- 205, Kealohi Nonaka 80-58-59-197.

5. Seabury Hall 330-265-306-870: Agustina Hunziker 75-68-84-227, Kayce Migita 82-59-78-219, Skylar Kuroda 89-54-69-212, Bridget Ng 75-63-74- 212, Rosalie Peck 76-70-61-207, Tulip Hori 79-56-66-201, Gianna Cabanting 75-61-60-196, Alana Jonick 78-43-70-191, Annalize Claybaugh 79-64-46- 189, Molly Thompson 80-36-65-181.


1. Kamehameha Maui 357-270-320-932: Brandon Sado 91-68-79-238, Luc Sheehan 92-61-84-237, Bennett Takahama 88-68-78-234, Tyler Cambra 86-58-79- 223, Ezekiel Kamalani 76-73-71-220, Keanu Tabaco 83-58-78-219, Noah Arcas 84-50-69-203, Chaysen Tanaka 79-53-70-202, Logan Lung 67-48-75- 190, Kamahoi Manaois 59-34-50-143.

2. Maui High 329-222-286-837: Aaron Inda 86-66-75-227, Liko Gaspar 86-53-74-213, Andy Oviedo 74-62-74-210, Evan Bailey 83-41-63- 187

3. Baldwin 328-235-296-835: Connor Tumaneng 91-70-83-244, Joseph Andrade 68-62-73-203, Evan Goodness 78-50-71-199, Ezekiel Esperanza 83-37-69-189 , Dawson Galam 67-53-68-188, Joey Fernandez 73-45-62-180, Tyton Takahashi 76-35-49-160, Namaka Vanderpoel 74-34-51-159, Tehzion Cordero 72-28-38-138 , Michael Barragan 37-49-21-107.

4. Seabury Hall 311-242-298-831: Brandon Yu 81-70-83-234, Turner Alston 79-57-72-208, Kekai Apana 74-48-77-199, Jack Stewart 77-47-66- 190, John Kaahui 65-55-62-182, Weston Otterson 58-60-56-174, Jacob Robello 61-38-56-155, Makani Deponte 68-34-45-147, Henry Devereux 54-47-35- 136, Kekoa City Council 42-14-47-103.

5. King Kekaulike 277-176-203-652: Jackson Barcus 80-50-62-192, Josiah Medeiros 63-40-61-164, Kash Decoite 75-50-35-160, Jordan Purdy 58-36-42- 136, Benjamin Loo 59-36-28-123, Kade Shimada 35-15-38-88, Chaysen Ampong 3-(-11)-16-8.

6. Lahainaluna 223-169-140-532: Christopher Mueller 80-71-79-230, Kekoa Mueller 75-50-29-154, David Jackson 68-48-32-148.

7. Hana 58-40-51-149: Fa’a Moeai 58-40-51-149.

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