Keahi 10UB falls short at the Christmas tournament


WAIPIO, O’AHU – Keahi Soccer Club, a Boys 10 Under team from Kaua’i, was perfect for their age group finals on Sunday’s Thanksgiving Cup 2021 soccer tournament presented by Hawai’i Rush at the Waipio Soccer Complex.

“The team was 12-0 until they lost their first loss in the final against LJSA Chelsea 12B Blue, an Oahu club,” said Brian Fitchett, a team parent at Keahi SC. “These players battled the toughest teams in O’ahu and made it to the finals of the tournament, which started on November 26th and ended on November 28th.”

Trained by Allan Duldulao, Keahi SC started the tournament on Friday with a 6-0 shutout against Ballistic 12B Chaos to move up to the group of six.

“Nothing beats starting the tournament with a win for the team,” said Fitchett.

In Saturday’s competition, the Kaua’i Keahi will face Rush 12B. Fitchett describes the crew as one of the best teams on O’ahu.

In the first half, Keahu 10UB chased a goal against Rush.

Keahi started the second half by overcoming the pressure and leveling the fight 1-1.

“After finding his way and not giving up, Keahi scored two more goals to make it 3-1,” said Fitchett.

In defeating Rush, the Kaua’i players will face LJSA Chelsea 12B on the final day of the tournament on Sunday.

In the first two minutes of the game, Keahi saw a goal deficit again.

“Playing a game similar to Rush resulted in a lot of physical play and pressure from fans and opponents,” said Fitchett. “Keahi 10UB never gave up and played quick attacks that finished off 8-4 and advanced to the final against Hawai’i Heat Futsal Club.”

The team parent said after the very physical LJSA competition that Keahi was “a bit beaten up” when he went up against Hawai’i Heat FC, which had a day of rest.

Keahi FC stormed into the final game of the tournament, 1-0 down in the first two minutes of the game.

“Can it be another LJ Chelsea story?” Said Fitchett. “During the game, the teams went back and forth with a lot of coaching tactics. We scored to equalize, but they led back 2-1. In the final minutes of the competition, Keahi used a Caleb Burns shot from outside the box to force double 5-minute extra time.

Keahi players were beaten up and emotionally stressed out as they went into the first overtime.

“They knew they still had to play hard,” said Fitchett. “Hawai’i Heat scored the first goal and thought they won without knowing they had one more overtime to play. Keahi scored in the lead in the second extension. “

In the second extension, Keahi conceded a free kick from 25 meters left in the penalty area.

“Oren Claussen on the ball, put it in front of the goalkeeper, the ball went straight through his hands and legs – Goo-al!” said Fitchett. “What a game! Thinking Keahi would score one more goal to win the game, Hawai’i Heat deployed a powerful attack that gave us a counterattack that they could capitalize on. Keahi FC have trying to get strong, but it was too late when the final whistle sounded and the emotions rose. “

“These players did a good job,” said Fitchett. “They get a lot of respect from all coaches, families, spectators and players. Well done!”

In the overall team standings of the 10U Boys, Keahi finished with three games played 147 points, three games won with 11 goals and gave up five goals. Hawai’i Heat FC 12B Orange finished two games with 99 points, won two games with eight goals scored and gave up two goals.

This is the 27th year that Rush and Capelli Sport are hosting the tournament that accepts boys and girls from under 8 to under 14 teams.


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