Local High School Marching Band Representing the State of Hawaii – WSB-TV Channel 2

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Behind every high school marching band are proud parents.

“We have some of the greatest kids in the county. I joked one day that I’m a roadie for the best band in the world because my kid is in it,” said parent Jamil Lucy.

The band at Wheeler High School in Cobb County deserves a great honor. They will perform at the National Vietnam Veterans Day Parade.

For some, it’s personal.

“My father is a Vietnam veteran. Being able to take the band out to play is such a thrill,” said band assistant director Anthony Higdon.

The event takes place in Hawaii. There the clarinettist Najilah Nichols was born.


“Yes. My mom and dad were stationed there in the military,” Nichols said.

These students know the story. You are proud to be part of a parade for veterans who have never been gifted one.

“That we go and honor you for your sacrifice – whether you supported the war or not – is extremely important and we are honored to go there,” said Color Guard Capt. Leiana Lucy.

It’s a very expensive trip: $3,000 per person for 65 students.

The band’s booster club raised enough to give each about $450. They hope some corporate sponsors can step in to help students cover the rest of the cost.

The band is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu on March 25th.


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