Man sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing 3 and injuring 4 in a DUI crash in Honolulu



A Honolulu judge sentenced a man to 30 years in prison for manslaughter and assault after his fast-moving pickup truck killed three people and injured four others.

According to police, Alins Sumang, 29, was drunk and was behind the wheel in 2019 when he hit a pedestrian island on Ala Moana Boulevard. The investigators found a half-empty bottle of schnapps in his vehicle.

Sumang pleaded guilty in March.

Travis Lau from Honolulu, Casimir Pokorny from Pennsylvania and Reino Ikeda from Japan were killed in the crash.

Prosecutors say Sumang could be eligible for parole in less than seven years, but they will ask the parole board to request that he serve the full 30-year sentence.

Sumang read an apology letter in court on Thursday.

“I know I don’t deserve to ask, but please forgive me for what I did that day. And when it can’t, just know that I really feel sorry for every minute of this day. Not a day goes by that I wish I could swap places with them and turn back the clock, ”said Sumang.

Some of the victims’ families were disappointed with the verdict.

“I think he won’t stay for even the full 30 years. So he’s going to come out, still young, still able, still able to do whatever he wants, ”said Melissa Lau, Travis Lau’s widow.

After the verdict was announced, Melissa Lau said the apology fell short.

“Will I ever forgive him? Never. Will I ever feel sorry for him? Never.”

Under the plea agreement, Sumang will serve three simultaneous 20-year sentences for manslaughter for the deaths and four simultaneous five-year sentences for assault.

The sentences for manslaughter and assault are served consecutively for a total of 25 years. An additional five years have been added for Sumang’s parole violation in a 2016 case.

“I think it was also annoying to hear that probation might be possible in six years and eight months, although we don’t think it’s likely. But that’s like a slap in the face, I think, “said Theresa Paulette, the victim support specialist for mothers against driving under the influence of alcohol.


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