Maui Brewing Partners on Hop Cargo Fresh Hop IPA •

(Kihei, HI) – Hop Cargo Fresh Hop IPA is now available at Maui Brewing Company’s Kihei restaurant. Crafted in an epic collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Yakima Chief Hops and Alaska Air, this freshly hopped beer offers the opportunity to brew with wet hops for the first time in MBC history.

Maui Brewing Hop Cargo Fresh IPA

The window of opportunity to start brewing with fresh versus dried hops is incredibly short. So short that freshly hopped beers are usually only made by breweries in close proximity to a hop yard. For this project, and with the help of Alaska Airlines Air Cargo, both Maui Brewing Company and Alaska’s 49th State Brewing received a bulk shipment of fresh hops less than 24 hours after harvest at Loftus Ranches in Yakima, Washington.
After landing at Maui’s Kahului Airport and being inspected by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, this shipment of hops went straight to Kihei Brewery, where the MBC brewing team stood ready and waiting to begin brewing. (Photo Credit: Ingrid Barrentine / Alaska Airlines)

India Pale Ale boasts juicy, pine and stone fruit flavors with sweet malt and subtle, pleasant bitterness to balance the boldest hops. The beer has an alcohol content of 7.2% vol. at 30 IBU.

Hop Cargo Fresh Hops IPA is currently available by the keg at MBC Kihei and will be arriving soon at MBC’s Lahaina, Kailua and Waikiki restaurant locations.

The MBC team consists of stewards of their communities and the ‘aina, and curators of the craft beer way of life. Their beers are recognized worldwide for quality and innovation.

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About Maui Brewing Company

Founded in 2005, Maui Brewing Company is Hawaii‘s largest craft brewery. MBC is based on Maui with its off-grid production brewery, full-service restaurant and tasting room in Kihei, and restaurants in Lahaina, Maui, Kailua, Oahu and Waikiki, Oahu. Maui Brewing Company is available in 26 states, 1 district and 3 international countries, with more territories to come.

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