Volcanic Voices hosts the AGT winner in Honolulu

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Volcanic Voices is an artist collective focused on creating an inclusive space for the people of Oahu to fully express themselves.

Zarqui Omar, also known as Z From Baltimore, founded this collective two years ago with the intention of offering the community fun events full of positive vibes and unforgettable moments.

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“I was inspired by the lack of platforms available for artists to express themselves after the pandemic started,” Omar said. “The poetry community came to a halt, and we felt compelled to continue it for the artist who uses it as an outlet.”

He said his favorite part of providing this platform is connecting and networking with other artists, as well as sharing and listening to how others fully express themselves.

Omar said supporting local and black-owned businesses can mean as much as buying a ticket or goods. He said he also appreciates it when people share a flyer or tell their friends about an event.

He describes his work as producing events at different locations on the island with different venues.

“To put on an inclusive show where all people can come and have their say,” Omar said. “We also offer workshops for artists who prefer to just surround themselves with like-minded people and write non-judgmentally.”

Her next upcoming event, titled Black Voices Matter, will take place on February 25-26 and will feature America’s Got Talent Season 15 winner Brandon Leake, as well as Black poets, comedians and musicians from around the island at the Moana Valley Theater present.

He said being a Black business owner in Hawaii is great as it gives him multiple opportunities to meet and connect with other Black people on the island and also to connect and connect with locals .

Omar said while running Volcanic Voices he still works a day job. However, his goal is to run this full-time and see it reach its full potential.

“I’m motivated by my love of the stage,” said Omar. “I feel most alive and myself when I’m up there. I also love building connections with other artists that lead to wonderful friendships.”

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To purchase tickets for this upcoming event, head over to Volcanic Voice’s Website.

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