Windward Oahu Park is being given a new Hawaiian name to honor the region’s rich history



HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The city held a ceremonial blessing last Friday to commemorate the renaming of Kaneohe Beach Park.

Windward Oahu Park is now named Naonealaa a Kaneohe in honor of the region’s rich history, which dates back to the Hawaiian chiefs in the 18th century.

Hawaiian historian Samuel Kamakau said the area came to be known as Naonealaa, which means “the sands of Laamaikahiki” – named after the famous chief Laa who inherited Oahu after Olopana’s death.

In 1737, a peace accord was signed between the chiefs of Maui and Molokai and those of Oahu and Kauai at this location.

The renaming of the park was spearheaded and gifted by the Koolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club as part of its cultural awareness program. The National Geographic Society, the Awesome Foundation, and the Koolau Foundation also provided additional funding.

In addition to the new signage, the park also includes a storyboard poster detailing the historical significance of the area.

“It’s a blessing to be a part of it because it’s a great example of how to get Aina back and give this place back its dignity and history by sharing the story of Naonealaa,” said Kehaulani Puu, deputy director of the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

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