Solicited public input for Maui County’s “Roadmap” report on economic development

June 14, 2022 10:08 am HST

Public input is invited on which industry sectors should be prioritized to create economic resilience and prosperity for Maui County. Credit: Tyler Rooke

The Maui Economic Development Board coordinates the Maui County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Report, which is federally commissioned by the US Department of Commerce and produced every five to six years.

All Maui County residents are invited to complete a short community survey by July 1 to contribute to this report. To participate in the survey, click here.

The primary purpose of the survey is to obtain public information on which industries should be prioritized to create economic resilience and prosperity for Maui County.

These industries include:

  • Agriculture & Technology
  • Accessible living & building
  • Creative industries (culture & art)
  • Eco-Economy (conservation, restoration and management of ecosystems and environment as well as climate adaptation)
  • Energy (including renewable)
  • Hawaiian knowledge and culture
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Science, technology, innovation and efficiency (including aerospace, cybersecurity and clean manufacturing)
  • Visitor industry (including agricultural, eco, educational, medical, and sports and recreational tourism)

The report describes a locally based strategic plan for regional economic development and capacity building with a focus on economic resilience and job creation.


The Maui Economic Development Board facilitates community input through a focus group process and collates comments into a comprehensive report.


This report will be submitted and presented to policy makers and decision makers and published online. The Maui County report is combined with similar reports from the other counties in Hawaii to provide a “roadmap” document that guides statewide decision-making.

An action plan with SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) will be created, supported and implemented over the next few years. Public participation is encouraged.

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