Scottsdale # 2 among the most sought-after babymoon destinations



Experts at Next vacation found that the search for “baby monkeys” has increased by a whopping 233%. And at the top of the list of babymoon destinations is Scottsdale.

A babymoon is a public holiday to celebrate the birth of the baby and to give parents a chance to relax before the birth. Similar to your honeymoon, but instead of spending time with your partner after you get married, enjoy time together before your baby is born. Babymoon tourism has grown in popularity in recent years, and with a boom in pandemic babies, it’s the perfect time to plan a domestic vacation before they arrive.

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So where are the best babymoon destinations?

Scottsdale ranks second in babymoon destinations

Second on the list is Scottsdale, Arizona, with interest in this babymoon destination increasing by 350%. Whether you want to play golf, relax at the spa, or immerse yourself in Scottsdale’s natural beauty, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene, the city of Arizona is the perfect vacation spot for both partners. Scottsdale is perfect for couples looking for much-needed TLC before giving birth.

The most sought-after babymoon destinations in the US

Maui is the most sought-after babymoon destination

With a mix of perfect beaches, volcanic landscapes, abundant culture and world-class restaurants, Maui ranks first on our list. The search for baby monsters on Maui has increased by 600%, but it’s not hard to see why so many jet off to this breathtaking destination before their little one arrives.

Whether you want to take the road to Hana, take a dip in Upper Waikani Falls, or watch the sunset in Haleakala, this is the perfect pre-baby paradise vacation.

The Big Easy ranks third in babymoon destinations

Are you looking for a fun and different place before the baby arrives? New Orleans is the place for you! The crescent-shaped city is full of romantic and fun activities, from exploring the French Quarter, looking at the stunning architecture, dancing to jazz music, or acting out your witchy side and embracing voodoo and folk magic. It’s not hard to see why the charming city ranks third, seeing a 350% increase in babymoon vacation searches.


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