Tweet all about it: summer snow in Aspen



Every week we select our favorite and less favorite tweets (at least the ones that are printable) about Aspen and show them on Sunday page A2.

“And already we have our first winter sign! #Snow fell on #Aspen #Snowmass summit last night. ”- @AspenLodging

“Today’s @Sentebale @ISPSHanda Polo Cup at @PoloinAspen raised nearly $ 3.5 million. A new record! The Sentebale team – which included charity ambassador @nachofigueras – defeated @RoyalSalute and @uspoloassn 3-0, with Prince Harry scoring two goals ”- @scobie

“This is a quote from a Maui resident, but it resonates in all tourist cities:“ Tourism is a prison for servants that keeps the locals in our own homes in a permanent underclass. It’s a system that literally only works if the people who play here are richer than we, who live and work here. “I can feel that more than ever here in #snowmass and #aspen.” – @marcimichelle

“One of the funniest times I’ve ever had on #aspen was the last time @kathleenmadigan played the @WheelerOpera. See you there!” – @craigboleman

“PRO TIP: Hiking in sandals is a bad idea! #maroonbells #aspen #colorado #hikingshoes #siblinggoals #rockymountainhigh ”- @thedjcollie

“A big difference in visibility this year for the Maroon Bells due to rampant forest fires, but an enviable recovery nonetheless. 2020 vs 2021 #MaroonBells #Aspen #Colorado #rockymountains #landscape ”- @parthenoclastia

“Somewhere in that famous, upscale #Aspen # cowboy clothing store, there’s a hat that sells for $ 14,000. #thatssoaspen – Just browse through Kemo Sabe, #Aspen, #Colorado. “- @theglobaltrip

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