Did they drop the red light cameras?

June 1st – Question: Did they drop the red light cameras? I haven’t heard from it in months.

Answer: No, technical studies to determine where to place cameras to record vehicles passing red lights are behind schedule, but the pilot project has not been abandoned. Studies to select 10 Oahu intersections began in January and were scheduled to be completed in February and released in March, according to a press release from the state Department of Transportation. However, a DOT spokeswoman said Tuesday the studies were complete and would be posted online this summer.

After the locations are determined, the next steps include installing signs alerting drivers to automated enforcement, installing the camera systems, training law enforcement personnel to review the images, and mailing alerts to the registered owner of a vehicle offending vehicle, the DOT website states. Alerts are issued for a specified period of time before full enforcement begins.

Q: Is there a different corporate tax phone number for the IRS to call?

A: Yes, “for refund information on federal tax returns other than Form 1040, US Individual Income Tax Return, call toll-free at 800-829-4933,” the IRS website states. This is the business and special tax number for calls from the United States.

Q: My daughter mailed my federal income tax return for me and mentioned that she was going to a different address than she sent hers. We both filed Form 1040s in the mail from Oahu. How can I check if I have addressed my address correctly?

A: That’s not unusual. Hawaiian taxpayers who use Form 1040 and enclose a payment mail to an Ohio address, while those using Form 1040 without a payment mail to a Utah address. You can check this on the IRS website at

Q : I ordered the free test kits but haven’t received them yet. When are they expected to ship?

A: Tests typically ship within seven to 14 days of order, depending on the order. Orders to Hawaii arrive via Priority Mail.

Auwe I am confused as to why there is no enforcement against free roaming dogs in our public parks. Despite signs forbidding dogs and restricting them to certain areas only when leashed, owners flout these rules, walking their dogs in prohibited areas or, worse, letting them roam free. Why have the rules when no one follows them and there is no enforcement? — A Reader Mahalo Mahalo to those who so generously donated their flowers for “Sew a Lei for Memorial Day” to decorate graves at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. I was one of many volunteers at Honolulu Hale on Friday and we were well looked after with an abundance of beautiful blooms, not only plumeria but also some crown flowers, stephanotis, puakenikeni, dendrobium and others. It was wonderful to string together immaculate, fresh flowers. It seemed so much more than in previous years. Mahalo also to the City Department of Parks and Recreation for putting all things together! – Happy Volunteer Mahalo A big Mahalo to the Lave family for their assistance in locating family members’ burial sites at Hawaiian Memorial Park on Memorial Day. Loaded with an armful of floral items, I circled a fairly large area of ​​the grounds, back and forth, for about 15 minutes without being able to find the family headstones. Members of the Lave family who were gathering nearby must have noticed my dilemma, and three members came over to help me. After locating the burial sites, they also helped me fill the containers with water for my flowers. Mission accomplished ! A heartfelt thank you to the caring Lave family.—Grateful Senior——Write to Kokua Line, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 7-500, Honolulu, HI 96813; call 808-529-4773; or email [email protected]——

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