Community helps Oahu SPCA rescue package with dogs, 2 puppies



HONOLULU (KHON2) – Winnie the Pooch is a three month old puppy who loves to lick her new owners Matt and Sarah Baxter.

These puppy kisses would not have been possible without the work of the Oahu SPCA. It all started in early 2021.

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“We received a request for a pack of wild dogs in the Dole offices in Wahiawa, and I suspect they were becoming a nuisance to the staff there,” said Kristen Hudson, director of outreach and development for the Oahu SPCA.

According to Hudson, five dogs had been at large for months, possibly years. One of them was pregnant. The SPCA managed to catch soon-to-be mother Bernie, but she escaped.

“We were afraid for their pups,” said Hudson.

That’s because it all happened during the March 2021 flood.

“At the same time, the flash floods hit Oahu, and it was a very sad time, a very bad time to be in the wild,” said Hudson.

Thanks to a tip from the community, two puppies were found. Bernie had given birth to a child during the bad weather that hit Oahu, but she was nowhere to be seen.

So the Oahu SPCA set up traps and eventually caught the other pack members, but not Bernie. The SPCA took to social media in hopes of finding the puppy’s mother.

“People called us, texted us, Facebook messages, Instagram messages with sightings. So at one point I even had a map of Bernie sightings in my office. [I was] try to narrow it down and find them, ”said Hudson.

All five dogs were caught after three long months of searching with the help of the community. Bernie’s two puppies, Winnie the Pooch and Gabriel, have since been adopted. Marv, Bernie and Rambo have to find a home forever.

“They all deserve good homes and are very cute,” said Hudson.

Since Bernie is an escape artist, she needs a home with a very safe garden.

“Someone sure has patient who will let them come out of their bowls on their own terms,” ​​Hudson said of the type of owners these dogs need.

For more information on how to adopt Marv, Bernie or Rambo, Click here.


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