Hawaiian Mother, Baby: Coronavirus Survivor



HONOLULU (KHON2) – It was a celebration Colleen Bonds could never have imagined: being cheered on leaving Queen’s Medical Center for surviving.

Bonds said she was a success story in Queen’s intensive care unit.

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“I’m a success story in this intensive care unit,” said Colleen Bonds. “I’ve heard that there are a lot of really sick people around me who are in a really bad situation and will be here for a long time.”

The 36-year-old Oahu resident was admitted to the intensive care unit at Queen’s Medical Center on Friday, July 23. She was pregnant and had decided against vaccination because she had lost a previous pregnancy.

“I remember being assigned to sign some papers authorizing a caesarean section if necessary. I didn’t think it was necessary, and then I remember waking up and they tell me they’d taken them, ”Bonds said.

Bonds was placed on a ventilator the same day she was admitted to the intensive care unit. Her baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section two days later on Sunday, July 25th.

“I remember seeing a doctor coming in and right after I got pulled off the ventilator and told myself I almost died,” Bonds said.

Her daughter was lucky too, despite the fact that she was born 12 weeks early and weighed only 3 pounds.

“They actually said they had a really hard time keeping me calm enough after telling me they took my daughter because I just wanted to see her, I think,” she said.

Bonds first met her baby a full 10 days after it was born. She was a bright new mom with a whole new perspective.

“Yes, absolutely. It completely changed my attitude towards things,” said Bonds. “I had no idea I was going to get as sick as me. I’m 36. I’m healthy and young.”

She now has a message to others: get the facts and speak to a doctor.

“And take it seriously, take it seriously,” said Bonds. “It’s like me and my husband both got really sick. It is no joke”


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